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TGV Lyria is the brand name used for TGV railway lines connecting France and Switzerland. Lyria' is also a corporation that runs the service using the staff of SNCF in France and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF FFS) in Switzerland – the staff consists of one French and one Swiss train manager on the whole journey.

TGV Lyria has luggage safety issues and terrible customer service, according to Ngbra at

"We traveled from Valence TGV station to Paris passing by Lyon for the summer holiday. At arrival, we could not find any luggage put in the luggage storage between two wagons. The TGV staff completely ignored our claims. The SNCF Security team explained that could be a thief’s. The National Police gently refused our official claims because there is no proof of a thief. Inside the wagon, there is no room for large luggage. The SNCF asks you to keep all time the luggage with you without blocking the circulation. And because of Covid19, you are asked to limit your movements. So there is no way to keep your luggage safely. And be aware that your luggage has no chance with any insurance. This experience is truly a nightmare. Unless you travel only with a handbag, avoid the trains of SNCF!"


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Tony Martin says

"Used Lyria 4 times now with mixed experience. The last two journeys were when I went on a River Cruise from Amsterdam to Basel. After Eurostar to Brussels (very good) we went from Brussels to Amsterdam in 1st Class. The compartment was ok if a bit shabby. The food included was very good and , as always, the train was punctual. Having reached Basel on the cruise we got the train from there to Paris to link up with the Eurostar. The Lyria train, again in 1st Class, was only average and the staff were ok. The food was pathetic compared to the first journey and consisted of only a stale croissant and mini cake. Unacceptable in my view. TGV Lyria need to ensure they do not continue to fall behind the competition. The train was, however, punctual."

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